Isabelle Valenza and Colombe Le Bourhis meet in 2009.

Colombe is a stylist, Isabelle director of purchasing. Professional and friendly love at first sight is immediate. The desire to build their own path together has gradually emerged.

Colombe, Isabelle: Tell us about your journey before creating LOOVE

Isabelle: I am a real autodidact. My curiosity, my desire to learn quickly made me move into positions of responsibility. Still in women's fashion. I felt a special sensitivity with the trends and developments in the textile market. I started as a marketing / purchasing assistant to progress to positions of product manager, purchasing and collection director. I met Colombe in 2009. We've been working hand in hand for more than ten years. We are both accomplices and complementary.

Colombe : I am a stylist by training. My first experience in fashion started in a style agency, where I worked for five years. After working in the women's press, I turned to creation, in women's ready-to-wear, as a stylist. I have always liked to create around "constraints". Thinking of clothes to accommodate curves, allow breastfeeding and keep style immediately fascinated me.

Why did you create LOOVE :

Colombe : we both wanted to build a story of our own. To be free in our choices and to be able to put our skills and experience at the service of women. One of our partners, now an associate, allowed us to get started.

Isabelle : We thought about it a lot for three years, always around the same idea: fashion for all women. The name, LOOVE, came very quickly. But we were too committed to our jobs. We therefore decided to devote ourselves 100% to LOOVE for a year.

A fashion brand for pregnant women is not common?

Colombe : I was surrounded by several pregnant women at the same time. Notably two of my best friends. The connection with LOOVE was made immediately. I lived the adventure of motherhood with them. It was from their confidences that the idea was born. Isabelle and I wanted to offer something different, we wanted to give real meaning to what we were doing.

Isabelle : Colombe told me about it very quickly and I immediately joined this project, remembering my difficulties in dressing when I was expecting my son. And even after to breastfeed. Getting dressed is an intimate act and our clothes tell us that. It goes beyond a question of trend.

LOOVE gives us the most beautiful of energies. N We are happy to share it with you through our collections.